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Counsellors & Therapists

Nia True




Face to Face, Online

A lot of my work is with LGBTQ+ and GSRD (Gender, Sexual and/or Relationship Diverse) clients and/or those with ADHD. I offer an affirming approach whether or not GSRD or ADHD relates directly to our work together. I also volunteer with the Intercom Trust, working with LGBTQ+ folks and their family members.

My training is integrative, meaning I use elements from a range of modalities (including but not limited to Person-centred, Gestalt, and Transactional Analysis) to best suit you. I approach this as a collaboration: as we get to know each other, we co-create our way of working; it's a dynamic process that can adapt and change over time.

I have particular knowledge and experience of working with non-monogamy (polyamory, swingers, ENM), gender diversity and ADHD and I am sex and kink-positive.

I'm friendly and approachable, so please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss the possibility of working together.



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