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Are you a woman whose male partner is attracted to or has sex with men? Exeter & Totnes

It isn't uncommon for people to come out as lesbian, gay or bisexual after what might be many years in a straight relationship.  For their straight partner this can be a traumatic and isolating experience. Fear and shame may be barriers to seeking support from family and friends and organisations offering appropriate support are scarce.
This group aims to provide an opportunity for peer support between women whose male partners are attracted to and/or have sexual relationships with men.

Group meetings will take place in either Totnes or Exeter at times and dates to be agreed with prospective group members. To register your interest in joining the group or to find out more please call or text 07507 220968.

Watch this space for new upcoming workshops and groups in Exeter and the Southwest or contact us to express an interest and find out more.
It's All About You - workshops for trans+ people
  • Body image and expression

  • Names – how to choose and change them 

  • Dealing with fear and anxiety 

  • Creative ways of coping

  • Assertiveness and decision making

  • Compassionate mindfulness


Feel The Fear... and Do It Anyway R   

Workshops for individuals and groups based  on the

best selling book by Susan Jeffers