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Events for Clients

Watch this space for new upcoming workshops and groups or contact us to express an interest and find out more.
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It's All About You workshops for trans+ adults
FREE 6 week course on Zoom
This is how our pilot course went and we're applying for funding for further courses later in the year. If you want to go on the waiting list please email Max  putting Wellbeing Course in the subject box, giving your name and a safe contact number and he'll get back to you when the next course is being planned.
Small group of between 6 - 8 people
Learn and discuss the following in a safe group
  • Compassionate mindfulness - learn techniques to treat yourself in a kinder way 

  • Positive body image and expression 

  • Names – what does yours mean to you? How to choose it and change it on documents 

  • Dealing with fear and anxiety - Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway TM (From the book by Susan Jeffers PhD)

  • Creative ways of coping - how do you cope when things get tough?

  • Assertiveness and decision making - learn skills to get your point across


Past Events
Totnes Pride 2021.jpg

Totnes Pride 2021

Thursday 2nd September - Saturday 4th September


Look at what's happening at Totnes Pride this year and book your free tickets now! Three days of exciting in-person & online events, in celebration of LGBTQ+ pride, people, and community. Including talks, workshops, and discussions about racism, homelessness, mental health, gender, and self-compassion plus drumming, crafts, and a brand new Proud2Be living libraries event!

Max Cohen, Founder and Director of It's All About You wellbeing CIC is running the first workshop 'Online Pride and Self Compassion Workshop' on 2nd Sept at 10.30am.

He'll talk about shame and pride: how negative messages from society about gender identity and sexual orientation that LGBTQI+ people may take on board can lead to them relating to themselves with criticism and harshness.

He'll introduce a compassionate mindful approach and will guide participants to explore some of the critical voices they make speak to themselves with. He'll then invite people to try out kinder ways of talking to themselves, similar to how they'd support a good friend.

Please bring something to jot down your own notes (paper and pen, phone, tablet or audio recorder). You will not be asked to share anything, although there will be an opportunity to if you want to.

Zoom access details will be shared upon registration. Open to LGBTQ+ people and allies.

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Support and Solidarity: The care we want



Make Space, in conjunction with It's All About You Wellbeing, host this peer support space for LGBTQ+ people with experience of self-harm

Thursday 13th May 2021 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Free on Zoom

With Courtney Sommer and Max Cohen

A peer support space, exploring the care we want. We invite you to join us for a conversation about the care we want as LGBTQ+ folk with experience of self-harm.

We recognise that the concept of care in relation to self-harm can be a complex. We also recognise that care in any form can be particularly hard to access. In coming together and sharing our different experiences, concerns, and insights, we hope to create a space in which to talk about, think through, and respond to self-harm with care, empathy, and openness. We seek to co-create a set of recommendations about the care we want and need, thinking about the ways in which such care might respond specifically to our experiences as LGBTQ+ people.

Click here for more information and to sign up for the free event

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Legal webinars on Zoom

Guest speaker is Bridget Garrood


with Max Cohen

and students from University of Exeter LGBTQ+ and Law society


“What trans+ people need to know about the law”

- For trans+ and non-binary people (18 years old and over)

- Free

- Thursday 15th April 2021 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm

IAAYW invites you to a free legal webinars with guest speaker Bridget Garrood, a Consultant Solicitor with Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors.

Bridget was nominated by Exeter University students of  LGBTQ+ and Law and awarded The Exeter University Debbie Hill Alumni Volunteer Award 2020. She leads a project team for Trans and Non Binary Inclusion as part of the Law Society LGBT+ Lawyers Division Committee which aims  to improve, for trans and non-binary people (whether or not they openly identify as trans and/or non-binary) and for the legal profession as a whole. 

She is an engaging speaker and will outline points of law and legal processes including

  • Name and document changes

  • Gender Recognition Certificate and Gender Recognition Act 2004

  • Equality Act 2010

  • Family law, for example, civil partnership, marriage, divorce, domestic abuse and spousal veto


Max Cohen is a counsellor and trainer and is the Founder and Director of It’s All About You Wellbeing - LGBTQ+ counselling and wellbeing in South West England.


He will talk about best practice in supporting trans+ employees at work and what trans+ people can do to look after their wellbeing during their transitioning process.

Booking form

If you need help to fill in the booking form please either email Max with your details or call him on 07500015574 and leave a message.

Coming soon!

Let's talk about...

Conversations between LGBQT+ people on the topics that interest them
Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway book
Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway ®    

Book your individual sessions and groups here based on the best selling book by Susan Jeffers PhD.

Group dates for 2024 to be confirmed soon but please get in touch if you'd like to book in an introductory individual session or a series of 6 sessions with Max



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