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Complementary Therapy

Leanne English


Pilates Instructor and Reiki Master

Exeter, Devon, Kent & Online

Face to Face, Online

Having experienced living most of my life in pain and struggling to keep up with my peers in life, I was very lucky to discover the immense benefits of Pilates. I managed to gain my mobility back and reduce my pain and fatigue through regular, supported movement classes.

However they weren't very accessible to me and I had a strong desire to support others like me be able to take part in accessible fitness classes that weren't discriminatory in terms of ability, race, gender or sexuality.

I created 'Mobilates' (Accessible Movement and Pilates) to offer online fitness classes that are live and fully interactive with supportive instructors who know what it is like to live with pain and disability. I offer a free initial consultation as well as a week of group classes so that you can try them and see how they will help you.

We are fully inclusive and you will feel comfortable and welcomed in classes. I am also a lesbian and am proudly LGBTQ+ friendly.

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