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Complementary Therapy

Rachel Carey


Body Therapist


Face to Face

I draw from therapies learned and practiced over 26 years, to treat people suffering from physical, mental and emotional pain, and to support the individual through the process of change. Therapies may include Tui Na Chinese massage, which is a deep massage applied through clothes; oil massage onto the skin; Reflexology, which is a very relaxing technique working with the hands or feet; and Bio-Energy healing, which works to balance and clear the energy body, or aura, and chakras. Through working with many people from diverse backgrounds, I've found that combining these therapies with the opportunity to speak about issues as they arise, can effectively provide relief from patterns of illness and tension held in the body over years, or inherited from past generations.


Attention is always paid to safety and your individual needs and pace. Sessions are tailored to the individual, and so may vary from one session to the next, or can involve one particular therapy if you prefer.

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