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Counsellors & Therapists

Jenni Gates


Counsellor / Educator / Author

Exmouth and Online

Online, Phone

I provide integrative & person centred counselling to clients of all ages.  I have worked in the field of health and social care for over 20 years, in a variety of settings including children's centres, and 3 years full time for the West of England Gender Identity Clinic 'The Laurels'.  I am a member of SEA (Sex Education Alliance) and have been delivering all inclusive relationship and sex education in schools and education centres across the UK since 2002.

In June 2023 I shall be representing the UK at Global Congress in Gender and Sexuality Studies, speaking on the importance of LGBTQI+ representation in public and educational settings (from Budapest).  My first book was published in 2020 'Lessons in Love & Understanding: Relationships, Sexuality & Gender in the Classroom'.  I have a research paper published in the International Journal of Transgender Health.

I am passionate about health and wellbeing, and believe in using the therapeutic relationship to reach client goals.

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