Support for LGBT+ students of counselling & psychotherapy

We have recognised a local need for this, and it is recognised nationally though the organisation Pink Therapy, who host a mentoring scheme. 

Through our experience and training we are aware that it is often the LGBTQ+ students themselves that end up 'educating' their cohort about issues related to their diverse identity, and potential becoming the 'go to' or 'poster child' for entire LGBT+ communities. Many training courses have examples of and built-in heteronormative assumptions. These key facts impact on these students and changes the dynamic of their training experience.  


We aim to provide support, when needed, to trainee counsellors/psychotherapists who have an identity that’s under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.  Ultimately, we aspire to provide a SW based student mentoring scheme and network – please visit this page again for news as we move towards this.  If in the meantime you would benefit from support with issues arising in your training that are linked to your sexual or gender identity please contact us