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Bridget Garrood   LGBTQ Specialist Solicitor

Family Law Solicitor with Ian Walker Family Law & Mediation


Family Law Solicitor and member of  UK and Ireland LGBT+ Family Law Institute, part of a global network of leading family lawyers who are often at the cutting edge of LGBT+ family law issues including fertility, children law, matrimonial law, finances and gender identity. As a volunteer committee member for The Law Society’s LGBT+ Lawyers Division, Bridget is a regular contributor to their blogs and podcasts; a regional representative and speaker on LGBT+ aspects of diversity and inclusion for the legal profession.  Bridget currently leads their project team for trans and non-binary inclusion, for the benefit of lawyers and clients.




t: 03339 390188 or   01392 248113


e: bridgetgarrood@familylawandmediation.co.uk 


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Mark Williamson     ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage


Massage therapist


Holistic Swedish massage treats the mind and body and is clinically proven to reduce tension, ease muscles, relieve stress, improve mental health, boost immune system, improve sleep, improve joint mobility and boost serotonin and dopamine levels; it is regarded as the oldest form of medicine. I have 15 years experience and work from home in beautiful surroundings in central Exeter providing a relaxing and safe space for LGBTQ+ clients. Contact me about the range of treatments available including pure relaxation, deep tissue and aromatherapy.


t: 07875 250587      

e: Markwilliamson49@msn.com 

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Leanne Fennell  

Exmouth and Exeter 

Pilates Teacher

I teach Pilates to everyone including people with health conditions, weight issues or who feel exercise isn't for them.

My classes are planned according to the needs of each individual and are accessible to all genders and sexual orientations. Every move is designed at your level with plenty of support and encouragement.  I understand how hard it is to join a fitness class but once you start with us you won’t look back. You will work hard but I can guarantee you will also have fun. Everyone who attends is so friendly and welcoming that you will soon start making friends and look forward to every class.

I also teach groups and individuals online using Zoom!

t: 07545219856      

e: info@mobilates.co.uk


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Massage therapist? Legal expert? Hair or makeup stylist?


We are looking for other professionals across SW England, in the fields of massage, complementary therapies, legal services and also makeup and hair, with training and experience in working with people of diverse sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

If this is you, get in touch today.