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Max Cohen RegMBACP

Exeter & on-line

Counsellor / Trainer / Group facilitator  

I founded IAAY in 2008 and run all aspects of the organisation.

 am an experienced counsellor, trainer and group facilitator.  I work with people experiencing a range of difficulties using an integrative approach which means we work together so you can find your own ways to cope with the things that are getting you down or have kept you stuck or feeling overwhelmed. I integrate talking therapy with other useful approaches and techniques including drawing, visual imagery, using objects in a sand tray, mindfulness exercises, assertiveness skills and self-care tools. I work with young people (18+) and adults on all issues including LGBTQ+ issues, questioning gender identity (trans+, genderqueer, non-binary) and sexual orientation , sexuality, living with HIV, domestic abuse, victims of crime and work related problems such as discrimination.

07500 015574

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