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LGBT Specialist Therapists in England
LGBTQ+ Events in Devon & the South West
LGBTQ Friendly Therapists in Devon, England
LGBTQ Wellbeing Sessions in Exeter
LGBTQ+ Resourses for Wellbeing and Mental Health

Therapy and wellbeing for LGBTQ+ people in SW England

Welcome to It’s All About You Wellbeing CIC

Supporting, resourcing, and celebrating LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans+, queer and questioning) communities in South West England and the professionals working alongside them

It's All About You Wellbeing Exeter Devon

IAAYW recognises that people experiencing emotional or physical issues or challenges want to be sure that they can trust any professional that they turn to for support. This is likely to be particularly true for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+. We may be concerned that we won’t be met with acceptance by professionals, that we may not feel entirely comfortable talking about our lives, or that professionals may inappropriately link our sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship style (GSRD) to other issues and challenges we are facing.

Who we support

We're here to support anyone who identifies as being diverse in, or is questioning, their gender identity, sexual orientation or relationship (GSRD).

  • Family and friends of LGBTQ+ people

  • Professionals who identify as LGBTQ+ or who have an LGBTQ+ family member

  • Individual therapy and wellbeing professionals who want to improve their awareness and support to LGBTQ+ clients

  • Organisations who want to improve their practice to do more than just tick a box when working with LGBTQ+ communities

What we do

We provide a directory of therapy and wellbeing professionals who have shown a commitment to working affirmatively with LGBTQ+ clients and their families so people can make contact with the right professional for them


We provide events, courses and groups that are relevant  and meaningful, for example:

  • We aim to reflect  diverse LGBTQ+ communities by speaking up about intersecting issues and actively support neuro-divergence, raise awareness of people from ethnic minoritised groups and people with disabilities.

  • We provide tailor- made training for individuals and organisations who want to improve their knowledge and work towards best practice  

  • We provide bespoke consultancy to organisations who want ideas on specific issues or more general areas of good practice

  • We make resources and links available that is up-to-date and relevant to enable  people to make informed decisions so they can live their best lives 

  • We signpost people who are experiencing a crisis and need to talk to someone straight away, during or out of office, to emergency help

  • We promote and celebrate positive attitudes and images about all sections of our communities

  • While we are a small organisation with limited resources, we do what we can to further the interests of the LGBTQ+ communities, for example through responding to surveys from our professional counselling bodies, responding to government consultations, media and attending events that are relevant to our aims. See our first Social Impact Report for 2021-22

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Read all about our pilot wellbeing course
for trans+ people

One of the course sayings was
"Trans joy is infectious"

Summary poster
Full report
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