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Here are some examples of the work I've done over the last few years. It includes:

  • workshops I've written and delivered

  • panel debates I've been a part of

  • blogs and articles I've written

  • reports I've contributed to

Wellbeing Workshops.png

Wellbeing course for trans+ adults

My Trans+ Wellbeing Workshops help participants learn and discuss the following in a safe group:

  • Compassionate mindfulness - learn techniques to treat yourself in a kinder way 

  • Positive body image and expression 

  • Names – what does yours mean to you? How to choose it and change it on documents 

  • Dealing with fear and anxiety

  • Creative ways of coping

  • Assertiveness and decision making - learn skills to get your point across

The next workshops will be happening in Q2 2023, date TBC

Image by Alexander Grey

Compassionate Mind Foundation - 12th International Conference 2023

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